Emerald Testing Week:2

Week 2 testing of the Emerald is underway. So far everything has been 100% successful. We are going through every testing process and holding up to all the safety standards to ensure you stay on the trail!



Engineer Josh Baltaxe might be a little pumped on his work of art coming to life!

Getting the Emerald Prepped for the MTS machine. MTS stands for “Materials Testing Systems” and it applies a static load which allows us to measure the amount of force and deflection that occurs in the fork. The machine compresses the fork so we can accurately verify spring rate through the entire stroke. It also allows us to test the bottom out system, tire clearance, and safety precautions.

The MTS machine putting some serious weight on the Emerald!

A nice view of the dropouts. Josh did an amazing job on these CNC works of art!

This is a tensile test machine, it pulls apart the fork to a certain force. This machine checks the fail safe mechanisms to make sure the fork will never come apart even if the damper or the air spring fails.

This is a bending fatigue test. This test allows us to simulate real world fatigue to ensure the fork meets our safety standards. This machine applies a load (fully reversed) up and down for hours and hours, we will test various load values at specific cycle amounts and of course every part is inspected after each test.

Shake N’ Bake!


  • Adam on November 27th, 2012

    Looking good DVO.

    If you are testing without the CTA does that mean you are going to offer standard guards and CTA options depending on rider weight?

    Other thoughts;

    Please tell me you are also doing the crown and boots in murdered out black rather than white. Even the CNC finish looks better than the white you have previously shown which at the moment is my only gripe about the product as everything else is stunning.

    The collet system by all accounts seems to be going well which is great to see as this is a real benefit.

    Also, out of interest could you shim internally the fork to suit 5″-6″ of travel? Could this work with a shorter spring and keep the ride height the same?

    Will these be coming with steel springs at the target weight quoted?

    • Bryson on November 27th, 2012

      Hello Adam,

      We are testing without the CTA because we are not measuring torsional stiffness. The next set of testing we are doing will be with the CTA to validate torsional stiffness.

      The Emerald will also come in a murdered out black version and our signature DVO green. We are still playing with different colors though, the white was just a prototype.

      The next fork we have in line to make is the enduro. It will be right in that 5-6″ travel range at a competitive weight.


      • Adam on November 28th, 2012


        Thanks for the reply.

        That makes sense with the CTA and good to hear. You mention optimising in the video. Is this just machining away extra material? Or are you talking about different tube diameters?

        Colours are all good and glad you shed some light on what you are currently looking into. Hope to see some more details about that. Santa Cruz have always been able to do great colour and the new V10c looks to take that to the next level so would be good to see you offer such ability. Of course options costs but sometimes it is the little touches that are worth the most.

        Anyways, thanks for the input on the 5-6″ travel range. When you say enduro fork, are you looking at something that would be able to handle DH riding but with less travel and maybe a little weight saving or something that is much more all mountain and light DH riding?

        I still haven’t seen which spring material you are looking to use but is this because of testing which performs best, weight or cost issues?

        Kind Regards,

        • Bryson on November 29th, 2012

          No problem, but optimizing is reffering to the next series of modifications. The first testing was with an over built fork to see where we’re at. It passed everything perfectly so now we can shave weight from different areas such as the dropouts, tubes, and crowns, and have it ready for the second testing session.

          As far as colors go, I think the louder the better. We will be offering the signature DVO green as well as a murdered out black one.

          The Enduro fork will be purely for racing performance, not so much for freeriding if that is what you mean. We want it to be as light as possible and still maintaining the best performance. No shortcuts to save a gram or two.

          The only spring in the fork right now is the negative spring. It is a fully air fork.



  • Fred on December 4th, 2012

    When will this fork be available, and how much will it cost?

    • Bryson on December 4th, 2012

      Fred, we are planning on producing the Emerald mid 2013 and we have yet to confirm pricing but plan on staying in line with our competitors.

  • Kram on December 12th, 2012

    Looking awesome guys.

    I agree with Adam; the white with the green doesn’t work (mostly because the black CTA conflicts). I think the green is awesome, but the colours of the crowns, dropouts and CTA would probably be better if they were all the same (preferably black to really set off the green). But hey, if that’s the only gripe anyone can come up with you are doing it right! Such a sweet looking piece of kit.

    Also very stoked to hear you will be working on an enduro fork next.

    • Bryson on December 13th, 2012

      Thanks Kram! We will offer different color schemes and black clamps with black drop outs with the green tubes as you guys suggested would be sweet! We will definitely be offering that scheme!

      We are hard at work with the Enduro Project and we will release some info soon so we can get everyone’s feedback on it. DVO is a company by riders for riders and feedback is crucial to making a great product for everyone.

      Thanks for the feedback and support!


  • Kenneth on January 3rd, 2013

    Will the extra shims for tuning come with the fork as a complete package? Or do we have to buy it separately? What about the crown, will you guys offer a high and low crown like the Boxxer?
    About the self tuning adjustment, will you guys offer a full manual and tools required for the adjustments?

    • ronnie on January 3rd, 2013

      Hello Kenneth,

      We are trying to decide what level of tuning kit to we wuold like to provide with each fork. We have quite a bit to take into consideration with each rider weight,style,experiance differes from each other and will need to be considered so that we can have a very useful kit for each rider.

      • Kenneth on January 5th, 2013

        When is the estimated release date and price range?