Passionate Dedication
for Excellence

DVO is short for “Developed Suspension” and represents the mindset we have to engineer, design, and deliver fully developed suspension products that are 100%.

Bryson Martin Sr.
President / Founder

BS Economics, Master in Business
Ex Pro DH racer (way back in the day)
5 Time Trans Alp Veteran
Since 1980: riding, racing, designing, and managing
Brave Cycles: 1985-1999
Marzocchi USA 1989-2012

DVO Company

With over 80 years of accumulated experience in the suspension business, we have seen it all, we’ve seen the mistakes companies make by cutting costs and cutting corners and not taking care of the customer. We know first hand that an organization 100% focused on profits is a business plan we don’t want to be a part of. Great companies are built from the quality and character of the people involved and we have some great people! We have all worked together for decades and we all have the same mindset to produce high quality products with great customer service. We love what we do, its 100% about suspension and enjoying the ride.

Our mindset is only focused on making a high quality, rider made products & excellent customer service. We know what adds up to gizmos and gadgets, adjusters that barely make a difference, product that isn’t fully developed so the rider becomes the test dummy, and customer service that ends at the cash register. That’s why we started DVO suspension; it’s for riders by riders. DVO is a fully developed product so the customer doesn’t become our beta tester. We know that the cash register is where our customer service begins and standing behind our products is what produces brand loyalty.

Check out the rest of our web site, it’s purely aimed at educating and helping everyone (DVO customers or not) become more knowledgeable about suspension in general with set-up tips, how-to-videos, and detailed suspension theory for those more advanced and wanting to become experts in the world of suspension. Knowledge is power and we will help everyone become more familiar with suspension, it is the most complicated component on a bike today and we will help simplify the learning process.


Tom Rogers
Product Development

School of Hard Rocks
Top Level World Cup Racer XC & DH
Since 1992: riding, racing, and designing
Pro World Cup XC & DH: Manitou Suspension: 1992-2002
Marzocchi USA: 2002-2012

Ronnie Dilan

School of Hard Rocks
Marzocchi USA: 1998-2012
Since 1997: riding, tuning on the World Cup and general servicing

General Manager Guy

School of Hard Rocks
5 Time Trans Alp Veteran
Marzocchi USA: 1996-2012
Since 1995: riding and managing

Bryson Martin Jr.
Marketing and Stuff

Business Student
University of Phoenix
Pro Motocross & DH Racer
Since 1997: racing