DVO Design

DVO Suspension is 100% designed, engineered, tested, and proven in the USA for riders by riders. We base all our designs from an Intelligent Engineering perspective which means we build it with the consumer in mind in regards to tuning, ease of servicing, cost of spare parts, manufacturing, reliability, and ultimate performance.



DVO is a High Quality Product with Proven Performance


-Quality materials for every part

-Advanced cartridge designs with strong reliability and serviceability

-Hand-assembly with an elevated level of quality control

-Easy and intuitive product service that emphasizes customer support and spare parts availability

-Education including detailed videos and articles on set-up, tuning, and servicing

-Products engineered by riders for riders




We at DVO know first-hand that when you take the time to develop, test, manufacture and assemble products with quality as the driving force of our design mindset. If you get it right the first time, there is  no need to make running production changes or to clean up mistakes in the market with costly warranty replacements and unhappy customers.


Our dampers and internals are 100% created by Tom Rogers who has over 20 years of MTB suspension design experience. Tom has always been at the forefront of innovative damper designs and has played a major role on how suspension products are made today.

With engineering at the heart of development and the ability to design, we count upon the expertise from our structural engineer Zeke Patterson to sculpt the chassis designs of our products. He has extensive background in surfacing and structural design. Zeke also plays a major role in the calculations of air springs and oil volumes.

All too many times we see companies taking shortcuts on product testing and quality control to bring down cost in manufacturing. That leads to the customer being the beta tester and leaving it up to the market to find issues. In the long-run, that leads to unhappy customers and serious problems that could have been avoided. All of our products go through a rigorous process of testing before it even gets seen by the public.

Every fork we produce well exceeds the the structural EN testing standards to ensure the safety of our products. Each fork and shock are hand built by trained and qualified technicians that take meticulous care in what they do. It’s inspected at every step and quality certified. At the final step, every fork and shock get dyno tested to make sure it meets our standards of performance and build quality.