Bryson Martin Jr.

Name: Bryson Martin Jr.

Position/Title: Marketing Stuff and Test Rider

Education: Currently Working on my Business Degree at University of Phoenix

Nick Name: Lil B

Years working in the Bike/Suspension Industry: Been riding and racing bicycles since I was 3 years old and have been racing in the Pro Category in DH since I was 17.

What gets you off about mountain bike suspension? The fact that suspension can make or break a bicycle. Having suspension that’s tuned to perfection can save you a substantial amount of time on a course. It’s easily the biggest factor when riding and racing mountain bikes.

Greatest biking accomplishment: Being on the Junior Worlds Team for USA in 2010. And being the Number 1 Junior in UCI points in 2010.

Best bike ever owned: Commencal Supreme DH

Current stable of bikes: Trek Fuel EX Carbon, KHS DH 300, KHS 650B, Intense 951, and Intense Tracer.

#1 riding spot in the world: Whistler!!!

Favorite food to eat after serious day of shredding: Grab some Jack in the Box Tacos!

Favorite Beer: No beer for this guy!

How do you like ur coffee/java: Straight up double espresso for days! No pixie Drinks

How many times have you attended to inter bike: My dad has been bringing me there since the day I was born.

Favorite Idol and why: Chad Reed, he’s a friend of mine and he’s also one bad ass dude!

best mtn biker of all time: Wade Simmons

Personal or favorite quote: Bitches be Crazy- Ronnie Dilan

FaceBook: Bryson Martin Jr.
Twitter: Brysonjr