Bryson Martin Sr.

Name:Bryson Martin Sr

Position/Title: President & Founder

Education: BS Economics, MBA Business

Nick Name: Big B

Years working in the Bike/Suspension Industry: 30+

Biggest contribution to the bike world: I’ve been part of a lot of suspension projects to include the tapered steer for mountain bikes, carbon upside down fork, QR20 axle, open bath dampers for mountain bikes, 40mm stanchion tubes on the Monster T, 30mm alloy stanchions on the original Z.1, Bomber fork line in 1997, Shiver upside down fork, Shiver single crown, and first 100mm single crown dh fork.

Most complicated project been involved in: Carbon upside down fork in 2000

What gets you off about mountain bike suspension? It can make the difference between a good ride and a great ride and might even save you butt at times! Plus its the most sophisticated piece of equipment on a bike.

Greatest biking accomplishment(s) (race finish, gran fondo, stunt, etc): Finishing Trans Alp 5 times (8 day stage race through the Alps) and qualifying for the Reebok Eliminator Pro DH Race in Mammoth Kamikaze “back in the day”.

Best bike ever owned: each one I get is the best!

Current stable of bikes: KHS, Santa Cruz, Giant and Intense

#1 riding spot in the world: Ride don’t Slide in Whistler !

Favorite food to eat after serious day of shredding: two packs of Top Ramen

Favorite Beer: Root Beer

How do you like ur coffee/java: double espresso straight up!

How many times have you attended to interbike: I’ve been going way before there was an Interbike, Toy Show in New York was my first one.

Favorite Idol and why: Buddha, Spiritual Guide

Best mtn biker of all time: Joe Murray

Personal or favorite quote: “2nd time is a charm”