Name: John Pelino

Position/Title: General Manager / The Everything Guy / VP of Engineering / VP of Sales / VP of Technical Services & Support / VP of Customer Service / VP of Accounting / VP of Operations


  • High School Diploma
  • Harvard Business School
  • Inventory Management/Asset Management

Nick Name: JP

Years working in the Bike/Suspension Industry: 16 years

Biggest contribution to the bike world :

  • Bringing Superior Customer Service
  • Helped Market and Brand the Bomber name to what it is today
  • Working with the technical department to constantly push new features and developments

What gets you off about mountain bike suspension?

  • Riding a new design.
  • Seeing the joy that new products bring to enthusiastic riders

Greatest biking accomplishment(s)

  • BMX 1982-1986
  • Transalsp 1999 and 2000
  • 24 hours of adrenalin
  • 12 hours of Temecula

Best bike ever owned: Everyone

Current stable of bikes:

  • Santa Cruz Bronson C (w/ Carbon Wheels)
  • Santa Cruz 5010 C
  • Santa Cruz Tallboy C
  • Giant Trance
  • Specialized Road Bike

#1 riding spot in the world: Whistler

Favorite food to eat after serious day of shredding: Sushi and a Beaver Tail

How do you like ur coffee/java: Espresso Straight Up

How many times have you attended to Interbike: 17 years

Favorite Idol and why: Cedric Garcia, cause he’s able to compete in so many disciplines

Best mtn biker of all time: Wade Simmons

Personal or favorite quote: I was just riding along…….