Ronnie Dilan

Name: Ronnie Dilan

Position: Technician

Education: School and stuff, mostly just getting yelled at when I was wrong.

Nick Name: Techron

Years in the bike industry: I have been involved with bikes for over 30 years now.I got involved in the bike industry after being tricked into accepting a job offer at Marzocchi Suspension after my interview with JP in 1998. I was able to take part in one of the most influential movements in the MTB industry following Bryson Martin and the rest of the crew that could see how the future of the sport was evolving.

Greatest biking acoomplishments: Did a couple 12 hour events with a very cool team of my friends. And just making it home alive after any ride is a huge accomplishment for me.

Best bike ever owned: Every bike that I have ever sold.

Current stable of bikes: Santa Cruz Blur LTC, Rocky Mountain Vertex 29”, KHS DH 300.

#1 riding spot in the world: Whistler would be my first choice for DH riding. But I would have to say that Kingdom Trails in Vermont is pretty bad ass for epic trail riding.

Favorite food to eat after a day of shredding: Usually a salad and exactly 2.5 ounces of water…..LOL. Everything and anything I can get my skinny hands on for about an hour, I can’t offord to lose weight!

Favorite beer: Speckled Hen.

How do you like ur coffee/Java: Espresso bit of creamer and a lot of sugar to hide the bitterness cause I am a sissy.

How many times Have you attended Interbike: I must have been to this hellish event 10 times now.

Favorite Idol and why: Rene Lavand, he is a one handed card Magician. He only has one hand and he can do things that most people can’t do with 3 hands.

Best mtn biker of all time: Brett Tippie. Watching him knock out 2 security guards by accident will always be stuck in my head.

Personal or favorite quote: I told you she was crazy-Dave Chapelle